Shipwreck Offers 3 Great Party Options
            1. Full Service, food and activities with hostess and private room
            2. At home party with our activities
            3. Room rental for cake and present opening
Full Service Party 
Includes Food, activity, room rental, set up, invitations,decorations, 
paper products, and hostess to set up, serve and  clean serving. 
• 1 slices of pizza,  finger food, juice box or soda and ice cream. More food upon request.
• Room rental is 1.5 hours.
1 activity - $130 for 6 guests,        $15 per extra participant 1.5 hrs
2 activities- $150 for 6 guests,      $20 each extra participant. 2 hours
3 activities  $140 for 4 guests,      $25 each extra participant. 2.5 hrs
4 Activities $160 for 4 kids,           $30 extra per guest. 2.5 hours
                    Extra adults welcome, 25 max. total in room.
Activity Options
Bounce,   Golf,    Gem Dig,    Fluff-n- Stuff an Animal, 
•Birthday party child gets a gift and all guests get a return discount  pass.
•Food and drink for adult guests is extra. Maximum 25 people in party room.  
•$50 nonrefundable deposit required to reserve your time. Deposit used
  to help pay final bill. 
**No pinatas or confetti or popcorn allowed.

Click Here for full service contract

At Home Party Activity Options- 
- Fluff and Stuff 8 or 16 inch stuffables.  Include stuffing, heart,  birth certificate 
    and attractive take home box for guests.  Smell insert optional
- Gem Dig - Put our gems, minerals and toys in your sand box or shoe boxes with sand. 
- Dinosaur Dig

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I come for golf or bounce and use a room to open gifts and have cake for free.  See party option 3 is for this
2. Do you have different adult and teen party options.  Yes.   We customize these parties to meet your needs
3. How far in advance should I book.  At 2 weeks out you should have your pick of party times.  At two weeks out time slots may be taken.  If you book within 8 days of the party you may have limited choices for time slots.  
4. Can I do more than one activity? Yes.  Many people have a few guests stay later to golf or build a plush animal after the other guests have left.  Just let your server know you plan to do this.
5.  What is included?  Room rental (cost per person), one activity, all food (pizza, ,drink, ice cream) and a host or hostess to set up, clean up, serve and take care of your needs during the party. Bring your own cake.
6.  What do I bring? The birthday child, your cake, a camera.
7.  How many people can I have at my party.  We allow you to have 25.  Our party room cannot handle more guests comfortably. 
8. Can I book over the phone?  Yes, but we charge $5 extra to cover our charge for manual entries on the credit card machine and you must mail in the contract.
9.  Can some of my guests bounce and the other golf?  Yes.  Sometimes your guests are too young to golf or a few are too old to bounce.  We can let some golf as long as an adult goes in and supervises the activity. You will be charged by the activity your guest does.
10.  Can I do a party for both of my children since there birthdays are so close together.  Yes.