Golf is not only an interesting sport but a popular one amongst people of all classes. Those who take part in this sport have a variety of features to enjoy today. Want to learn more about the themes and bet365 offers that are present within miniature golf courses across the world? Well, read ahead for more clues on the most convenient spots to visit.

The Rollercoaster Golf Course

Park in golf course- Situated in the state of Illinois, this is considered one of the finest golf spots in the world. People who lived in this neighbourhood earlier on used this spot as a playground for their kids. It was later transformed into an amazing golf course that offers attractions such as water towers, well-manicured lawns and statues of pranksters. So feel free to visit this golf spot anytime you want for a chance to enjoy golf sessions within a serene environment.

Historical Golf course

Mini Golf course- Located in the heart of East Potomac, this golf spot is considered one of the oldest playgrounds of all time. It was designed in 1930 and offers the simple features for golf lovers to enjoy. A walk into this miniature golf area will enable you learn and appreciate the roots of golf as an important sport.


Pirate themed Golf course

Island of the pirates- Located in New Jersey, this miniature golf spot speaks a lot about the lives of pirates while at sea. Are you interested in discovering the tactics that pirates used to hijack ships and expand their territories? Well, feel most welcomed to visit this golf spot. You will bump into statues of pirates, big ships and their tools of trade.

Jolly Rodger – Are you planning to take your children to an interesting yet unique destination over the holidays? Welcome to the Jolly Rodger golf course situated in Maryland. You and your little ones will find Mary go rounds, swings and big toys to play with as the golf sessions continue.

Adventures of the pirate cove- Finding playgrounds that expose the behaviour of piracy was a very difficult task in the early age. The introduction of adventures of the pirate cove has made it possible for families to both enjoy the game and become part of piracy. Located in New Jersey, this golf course is an interesting place to visit with friends and family.


Therapeutic Golf spots

May Day golf course- Are you curious to witness a plane crash that happened in an island some years ago? Then feel free to stop over this golf course. Situated in the sandy beaches of Myrtle, this miniature golf spot will tell you the whole story of the horrific accident. This story is packaged in the form of an aeroplane that lost control.


Biblically themed golf spot

Centre of Lexington ice- Finding a spiritual path is very important in the life of every human being. This is a way of connecting you to your maker. Are you ready to start the spiritual journey? Well, welcome to the centre of Lexington ice situated in Kentucky. You will find a calm golfing environment that will spiritually inspire you to join the righteous path. This inspiration comes in the form of carved bibles that contain the holy word of God. The course is also divided into the old and new testament for you to identify.


Haunted Golf course

Haunted trail- Are you a fun of Halloween encounters and would want to extend this practice over the holidays? Come On ! Then feel free to join the haunted trail golf course. It is here that you will witness offers like award winning horror movies while taking part in golf sessions. Isn’t this an experience worth recalling in the future? Therefore, make an attempt of visiting this golf spot.

Ahlgrim Acres- Focusing on hitting a ball at a creepy golf course is a unique way of enjoying your holiday. Are you interested in discovering how you can experience this? Well, make your way to the Ahlgrim Acres located in the state of Illinois. It is here that you will find real ghost encounters, bump into graveyards and burial chambers.


Golf course of cosmic nature

Glow and Putz – Golf courses have today been transformed into movie theatres. This is witnessed in the glow and putz golf course that is built in South Dakota. Dare to make a stopover at this spot and you are promised to find a golf setting that glows in darkness.

Glowing green golf spot- Are you passionate about golf as a sport and would like to enjoy amazing offers that come along with it? Well, you are most welcomed to visit this golf spot. You are promised a walk into a golf course that glows in darkness and is fitted with 3 D elements. This offer will require you to use special spectacles to enable you spot the holes.



Your holidays will never be the same once you make stop overs at any of the above mentioned golf courses. You have a variety of choices to make depending on the golf theme you are interested in. So upgrade your golf sessions by joining any of these sites and become future golf stars.