The mission of Shipwreck Golf is to provide a family oriented, clean, comfortable place for our guests to visit. 
Our employees will represent our belief in excellent customer service and family values.  Our employees should be motivated, cheerful, and eager to learn marketing, sales and customer service.
To become part of our team please come in and fill out an application today.

    We are taking applications for the following part time employment.
1.  Tuesday, Thursday  11:45 - 3  Seniors and stay at home Mom's encouraged to apply for this.
2.   Monday, Wednesday 9:30 -12:30 cleaning
3.   Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10 - 15 hours on a rotating schedule of nights and days.  Schedule changes weekly.
Pick up an application at Shipwreck and fill it out.

Applicants should be 18, have a license and car.
Applicants should not be in sports or have job that we have to work around. Experienced workers preferred.