July Newsletter


     Shipwreck Golf is having a very dry season.  Much different than last year when we had already had 6 week-end days we were closed due to rain.

    Upcoming Events

Upcoming Corporate events include Crown City Constructin and Borg Warner.  Now is the time of year our youth groups start taking advantage of our course. We still have plenty of time slots available for your birthday parties.

Best Time To Play

The best time to play in July seems to be from Monday - Friday from 10 - 12 and again from 3 - 6.  These times offer you the freedom of cooler weather and a less crowded course.  If you must play on the week-end avoid the 7-9:30 hour.  You can expect a wait during these times.  Sunday from 10-1 are also very quiet.

Food and Fun

We now have pizza slices available on the week-ends.  Hot dogs and chips are available whenever we are open.

Gift Certificates

Take advantage of our Christmas Gift Certificate Offer.  Buy $100 in gift certificates and get a Season Pass good for the rest of the season