Shipwreck Birthday Party Reservation Form
$50 nonrefundable deposit needed to reserve the date
Reservations cannot be made by phone. Deposit subtracted from final bill.

$130 plus tax for 10 guests plus 2 parents ( # includes B-Day child)
Food and drink, activity, return passes for guests,
glow necklaces for golfers, gift for b-day child
Extra children $15 each. Each extra adult guest $5.  To keep party enjoyable for all guests 25 max room total.

Name _______________________________________    Date _________Time __________

e-mail address ______________________________   Phone/cell #_________________ 

Childs name______________________ Child's age _______   Date ________ Time_______

              INCLUDES                        EXTRAS
_____Room rental 1 hour 50 minutes                ____     each extra child $15
       10 children, 2 adults      _____  each extra adult (no golf)  $5
       Max 25 total                                                  _____  extra adult w/golf  $10

_____ bounce or golf _____ bounce and golf  $5 each
  50 minutes        Second activity after party.

_____Hostess, set up, clean up,                                            gratuity not included

_____1 slice pizza      _____ 2 slices $10 per pizza
          Chips or goldfish   _____ Chicken nuggets (4)  $1

_____ 1 Soda or juice box              _____ Extra soda  $4 per pitcher
                                          _____ second juice box  $.50 each

_____ ice cream         _____  sundaes  $.50 each

_____ 4 balloons        _____ 1 per child $1.25 each (6 extra)

_____ bring your own goody bags                                      ______Goody bags $2.25 each

_____Tableware          _____ Dora , Hello Kitty , Thomas,  Toy Story
                                                                                    Pirate,  Sponge Bob, Princess,  Sports, Car
____ bring own cake _____our cake 10-15 guest $27.00
      _____15 - 25 guests $40.00       ______ Late booking
____within 7 days of party $20
_________Basic + extras    
_________Gratuity      ______  total of extras
_________Approximate total      

    Shipwreck Golf wants to make your party special. 
      To achieve this goal we would request you understand and abide the following.      
Please check each upon reading the information.

___All activities will start within 10 minutes of start time even if guests are late.  All parties
are scheduled for 1:50 hours.  Bounce or golf take between 45 minutes and 1 hour.  If your guests rush through golf your party will only last about an hour.  Entertaining them will be hard for you.

___Please advise your guests to come about 10 minutes prior to the end of your party
to pick up children as we book parties back to back and need time to clean between

___All children and adults must follow the rules as laid out by Shipwreck Golf and
its employees.

___All guests must stay be in party room when not participating in the activity. 
Guests cannot block the hall as that is the business area not the party area.  Please
remind your guests the boundries of the party area when they arrive.  Please help us
keep your guests in the party room so the fire lane in the hall is not blocked.

____ $50 charge for going over the max number allowed in the room.  No exceptions.

___$50 is nonrefundable. Parties will be rescheduled if the county declares a state of
emergency due to a snow storm.

___Please inform guests that siblings are not invited so you have no added charges.

____Balance paid by cash or credit card.  Checks will not be accepted for payment.

Our goal is to give you the best possible birthday party experience. 
Thank you choosing Shipwreck and for working with us to make this happen.

SIGNATURE ________________________________________________