Shipwreck Golf Party Planner
For a 10% discount book your party any day from Monday – Friday.

Birthday Parties are offered daily at 10- 12,  12:30 - 2:30 and 3 - 5

Please read all the rules and regulations associated with the birthday party of your choice before you proceed. Information on

1. Choose type of party date and time of party

2.  Call shipwreck for availability of your chosen date and time.

3.  Fill out party planner form

4.  Confirm reservation by turning in the Party planner and paying a 50% deposit to Shipwreck Golf 759 Rt. 13 Cortland.

5.  Once your party is confirmed please make sure you follow the rules and regulations for the party of your choice. If shipwreck cancels the party due to rain you are given a choice of rescheduling or taking a refund of 50% of your deposit. If you cancel the party and do not reschedule no refund of the deposit will be given.

_________________________Party package choice

_________________________ Date and time of party. (call to check on availability)

_________________________name and age of birthday child

_________________________expected # of guests including birthday child

_________________________Group or name of Adult in charge of the party

_________________________Phone Number of adult in charge and best time to call

____________________________e-mail address

Requested additional Items for your party._______________________________________________________



Please continue to review the suggested Time Line for your activities


Suggested Time Line

1)    2 – 4 weeks prior to party call Shipwreck Golf to check on available dates and times

2)    1 week prior to party – hand out invitations. If you have only scheduled 45 minutes for your party room it is important that your guests arrive on time. Put a start time of 15 minutes earlier on your invitations to assure all guests arrive on time. No extended time will be given for tardy guests. Shipwreck will begin your party at the scheduled time.

3)    2 days prior to party confirm exact number with Shipwreck Golf if your package includes food.

Day of Party

Adults and birthday child arrive at Shipwreck 15 minutes prior to the scheduled party time.

Party area can be decorated by you only if you’re the party is scheduled for 2 hours.

Guests begin to arrive and gather in front of the building. Someone from your party should be out front to meet your guests.

Guests can enter party room 10 minutes prior to starting time. Please direct all your guests that they should stay in the party room at all times. Running, screaming and disorderly behavior are discouraged. The golf course cannot be entered without the direction of the hostess or party supervisor.

All parties will begin at the scheduled time. Food will be served first followed by golf. Cake and present opening can be done before golf or after golf as long as time allows.

If you have only scheduled a 30 minute cake only party it is important that you are cleaned up and exited from the party area on time. Party area must be clean and cleared for the next birthday party.

If you have 2 hours in the party room you can leave everything in the party area while you golf. We will secure the area for you.

Thank you for letting Shipwreck Golf be a part of this important day.